All pupils are expected to arrive to class on time wearing correct uniform.  All uniform details can be found on the website.

Hair should be suitably tied back for all classes, with hair in a bun for ballet.

All pupils are expected to behave appropriately and may be excluded due to bad behaviour.

No responsibility is taken by the dance school for any personal items lost or damaged.

The school does not provide supervision nor accept responsibility for any pupil other than during the course of any class, rehearsal or practice. Parents / guardians remain responsible for their children other than during the class itself.

Parents / guardians are responsible for notifying the school in writing of any illness or condition of the pupil which could affect him/her during class and also provide an emergency contact number.

Some physical contact with students may be required by the dance teacher (s) to ensure correct dance technique is achieved.


All fees must be paid by the first week of term in full or monthly on the 1st of each month.

Late fee payment may result in a pupil’s exclusion from class until all fees are paid in full.

Half a term of notice is required should you wish to cancel a class.  If a half a term of notice has not been provided, half a term of fees will be charged.

For classes missed due to public holidays, exam sessions or bad weather it will not be possible to reschedule classes to an alternative date.

The school reserves the right to increase fees from time to time.


Examinations and festival work, pupils must be recommended by their teacher.

All rehearsals/extra lessons for performances must be attended in order for participation to be permitted.

Additional fees may be charged for extra rehearsals and costumes / uniform – these will be advised in advance so that parent / guardians have the opportunity to advise if they do not with for their child to participate.


From time to time, in the course of the year, pupils and students will be photographed and videoed and may appear in the local press.  Please inform the school, in writing, if you wish your child excluded.


Payment of fees and a signed registration form represents acceptance to all Terms and Conditions.

Should any of the details change at any time, a new registration form must be completed and returned to the school as soon as possible. REGISTRATION FORM FOUND HERE